Last week my oldest son, who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, made a simple mistake. He dosed with the wrong insulin. His insulin that is long lasting was mistaken for his quick acting insulin he takes when he eats food. On a normal night the different insulin pens would not even be near each other and thus a mix up would not happen, but this night the stars aligned and well it happened. He quickly realized as the last of the insulin was entering his body and was able to inform his Dad and I. This insulin amount would have covered almost a full days worth of food for him. We rushed around to find as much sugar as we could and over the next 6 hours he would have to take doses of honey to keep his sugars up until the insulin ran its course.

You might be asking why I’m telling you this story, well if he had not noticed that he took the wrong insulin and went to bed, I don’t know if we could have saved him. During that night I kept thinking about this other medicine we were advised to get in case his sugars went too low and he was comatose. I had neglected to remember to get it and now I was sitting up thinking how close this episode could have been and I wasn’t prepared. It was a simple thing but I didn’t have it.

A trust or a will is not a matter of saving a life but it does offer similar peace of mind. Over my time working with couples and families, they feel great when we sit down to sign their estate planning documents. I think this feeling comes from the fact that they have taken care of the people they love the most.

The funny thing about life is we all die. Planning for a world without you in it might not seem fun or urgent but being prepared is truly one of the best gifts you can give your family.